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Baron de Sigognac

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Our Blends

Our Maître de Chai skilfully blends vintages, bringing a measure of noble distinction to our Armagnacs.

From 3 to 20 Year Olds, from strength to finesse... the richness of our blends.

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Our Vintages

The originality of our vintages comes from the use of small column, copper alembic stills, which give rise to a slow distillation and a bouquet of unprecedented aromas.

Our oldest vintages, conserved in our Paradise, date back to 1893 and come up to 2010.


A unique tasting experience...



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Gift Presentations

Grand XO Platinium Carafe and Case
The VAGHI XO Sublime Carafe and Case...
Baron de Sigognac 25 Year Old Carafe and Case
Millénium 1900 Vintage Crystal Cafare Armagnac
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