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Nos saveurs inédites

Grande Josiane Armagnac & Orange Liqueur

For all confirmed enthusiasts of Unique Flavours, Château de BORDENEUVE proposes this nectar, lovingly blended from our domain Armagnac, sugar syrup and natural extracts of bitter oranges.


La Grande Josiane is an authentic preparation made from an ancient and closely guarded secret recipe.

A subtle alliance between the depth and strength of Bas-Armagnac and the silkiness and perfumes of oranges, meticulously selected for their maturity.

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Château de BORDENEUVE proposes an entirely natural white Armagnac.


La Blanche de BORDENEUVE is distilled, using 'Ugni Blanc' juice from grapes grown exclusively in selected plots at our Domain.

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Blanche au Citron, Armagnac with natural lime extracts

Château de BORDENEUVE produces this unique blend, assembled from an exclusive recipe: La Blanche au Citron marries the finesse and the purity of white Armagnac from our Domain  with the subtle perfumes and refreshing flavours of scrupulously selected limes.

Agen prunes in Armagnac Bordeneuve

Thanks to a few secrets pertaining notably the cooking of the prunes, maturation in Armagnac barrels and final maceration, Les Pruneaux de BORDENEUVE, with their meltingly tender flesh; sweetened and delicately impregnated with Armagnac, offer a subtle harmony between the fruit and our eau-de-vie. 

True moments of guilt-free, privileged pleasure..!

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