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The 10 Best Brandies under £50 - a UK market report...

'Master of Malt', the world-renowned British e-commercesite, has recently published an excellent article on its blog, a virtual 'around the world' tour to unite the 10 bestbrandies available on the market for under £50.

There is only one Armagnac in this prestigious list of brandies and that is our own

Baron de Sigognac VS Signature;

a unique Armagnac amongst these flagship eau-de-vie.

The pride of both our Cellar Master and our production team!

Below is the transcript of what Master of Malt has to say about our Baron de Sigognac VS Signature:


Master of Malt: We're drinking... Top ten: Brandies under £50

Baron de Sigognac VS Signature

While Cognac is made in vast quantities by multinationals, Armagnac is often made by farmers. Consequently, there aren’t really any big brands.

In Britain, Baron de Sigognac is probably the bestdistributed.

Top Ten: Brandies under £50DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:d6okgoss the board including rare vintages, a super 20 year old built for sipping and this VS which offers incredible richness for money.

What does it taste like?

Big and spicy, with cooked apple fruit, crème brûlée notes, and a long finish. Makes a great Brandy Sourbut it’s also good enough to appreciate on its own.


You can read the article in its original context at the link below:

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